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One universe managing all your subscriptions, notifications, events, payments and communication with the other social actors


  • Find and gather around you the social actors or your choice.
    Inside KOMKAA app you can add: your hobby club, your child school restaurant, your commune tax service, your health insurance provider, your house leaser, your utilities supplier, your bank, your associations and any other organization which whom you interact or will do so in the future.
  • Update your profile once for all your social role. Should you change the phone number or add another member to your family, KOMKAA will automatically update all the organizations you interract with and for which this data is needed.
  • Personal data security and discretion in your social interactions. KOMKAA is providing a secure storage and encryption for your data, validated by best Swiss IT Governance and Cyber-security organizations. The social actors which you chose around you will receive only the minimum of necessary of your data, upon clear agreement from your side.


  • Automate members management and delegate their data storage and security. KOMKAA collects, secures, stores and updates members information automatically. Your organization can also create groups of members.
  • Generate the calendar of activities of your organization. KOMKAA can send invites, generate tickets and manage payments of your events, informing you on participation to the event and updating event in your calendar as well as in participants’ calendars.
  • Payments management. When renewal of their subscription comes, members receive automatically a notification with option to confirm next payment. KOMKAA also manages events payments.


  • Use the power you have to make changes. KOMKAA is putting back the person at the center of the society, by making social actors and their platforms support the individual rather than overwhelm its life. You can actively participate to this social paradigm shift.
  • Learn, teach and build experience with blockchain technologies. Blockchain is answering trust gap in society the way internet was answering the distance gap of the past digital era. You are invited to join blockchain journey to a better world.
  • Getting paid for open source on KOMKAA is possible. Contributors can be rewarded KOMKAA tokens for pre-ICO technical infrastructure contribution, for top 3 most used features, for additional features founded by KOMKAA.

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